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Ana Henton and Mel Keedle are co-founders of Still Life Ceramics. Each brings her individual talents to the table: the partnership benefits from Mel’s experience as a potter, shaping clay on the wheel according to rigorous demands; and Ana’s training as an architect that engenders her constructivist approach to silhouette, volume, and space. Both have highly attuned senses to color and equally participate in glaze development and selection.

Still Life Ceramics perceives itself as a modest size production studio and workshop that generates a production line of functional housewares and a yearly art collection. Ana elaborates: “From my
architecture background I tend to look at each collection as a project. There is a concept, a narrative, an inspiration that drives the look and feel for the collection of year. Once we make the main pieces of the line then we start working through the process of production.”


By focusing on small batch production, the partners are able to meet the needs of their clients who are often chefs, designers, and boutique labels. Through an exchange of ideas and collaboration at each step of the process, Ana and Mel are able to create unique product lines customized to the client’s needs.

Still Life Ceramics's Team


Born and raised in Florida, Gayle made her way to the west coast in 2017. Clay had always been of interest to her, but she was focused on a different career path until she took a pottery class in August of 2017.


Since then, she has continued her path in the ceramic world and found Still Life Ceramics in June of 2018. If you have any questions regarding the studio, she probably has the answer - just ask! :)


You can find her on instagram: 



And her most recent project: @whateverceramics

Studio Manager

Gayle Curry

Gina with a bowl.JPG

I signed up for a ceramics class at a local studio in 2014 and I was hooked from day one. I had always liked doing creative things, but I had never felt such a strong pull to create as I did when I began working with clay. The process of making pottery and putting the finished products to use are both immensely fulfilling to me, and I love making things for others to use and enjoy. I work both on and off of the wheel, and my goal is to make pieces that have character and their own kind of grace without being too delicate. When I’m not at the studio, I like to cook, dote on my cat, and explore LA.




Handbuilding Teacher

Gina Zycher

Christine Photo (1).jpg

Christine has been practicing & teaching ceramics in the Los Angeles area for over 8 years. Her skill is in simple forms, executed well. Her pieces use minimal glazes and derive inspiration from her love of Japan, its cuisine, and the country’s care for all things handmade. In her free time, you can find her making intricate Japanese meals at home, spending time with her husband Ken, and playing with her sheepdog Suzy. Christine finds great joy in seeing her students grow and hopes to see you in class at Still Life! 


ID: @seeno_ceramics 


Christine Seeno


Genna’s love of ceramics started in college and has continued for the past ten years. She loves exploring new shapes on the wheel and enjoys sharing her passion for pottery with others. 

Genna McCabe

Production Manager


I took some ceramics classes in college but never was taught how to throw properly on the wheel. Just to age myself this was before you could look up YouTube videos haha! Fast forward a few years took a beginner throwing class, got addicted, and never looked back! 

Now, I have the pleasure of teaching Rose + Clay at Still Life Ceramics and am creating my own ceramics under the name Stardust Ceramix.


I am a sucker for 80’s /90’s nostalgia and junk food and that’s where I get a lot of my inspiration for my ceramix.  


I am obsessed with KPop, Diet Coke, Fast Food, and all things Halloween.


Shiloh Schneider



Hello! My name is Laura, I'm from Los Angeles, California. I have been doing ceramics since I was in high school. I had an amazing teacher who inspired me to keep going with ceramics and it is now my major in college! I love working 3 Dimensional, and i enjoy drawing and doodling as well.


I hope to have ceramics to be apart of my life forever! I hope to be able to own my own studio one day and teach classes of my own. If you would like to see some of my art, my instagram is @mariposasindica and @lauraceramics_ 

Laura Lara

Studio Tech


Sasha Wachtel

Ankita Mukherji

Teacher/ Class Coordinator

I’ve worked with clay since I was introduced to wheel throwing twenty-five years ago (terrifying!). Though I was trained as an art historian, ceramics has been a pleasure I’ve always returned to. I love the flexibility and wide-open possibility of clay; most of my own work starts on the wheel and is then altered and assembled, becoming sculptural as well as functional.


I really love to teach. Helping students get to that point where it clicks makes me happy.Breaking down and clarifying the throwing process has made me a better potter. Working on the wheel is as much about centeredness and breath as it is about hand position, and my goal in teaching is always to create an environment that is both lively and calm, patient and joyful. I try to encourage beginning potters to follow their imaginations while mastering the techniques that will help them achieve a unique vision. 

IG: @sashawachtelceramics


Sarah Vandersall

Ankita Mukherji

Teacher/Events Coordinator

Sarah has been teaching ceramics in Los Angeles for over 5 years, and working with clay and making pots ever since she was a child.  She loves the transformative powers of earth and clay and focuses on its intention. Additionally, the rewards of teaching this to others are multi-faceted: bringing new people together creates new, positive connections, watching students learn from trial and error bringing in experiments reminds us all of our own tribulations.  You never know what will happen when trying something new and adventurous!

Sarah is the owner of two lifestyle brands that create, and support exploring healing modalities for our future needs of well being and health. She studied art and craft at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

ankita profile_edited.jpg

Ankita Mukherji

Ankita Mukherji

Studio Tech

I was born in India, and I grew up in Singapore before moving to LA for college. I have been working with ceramics for 3 years, and I love making big, life-sized sculptures with clay. I have also been doing dragonboat for 4 years now, and I practice with my team in Long Beach on the weekends.