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As we begin the new year we begin our new work, and we start by looking back on what we have done. Every time it feels like starting over, grabbing a fresh bag of clay sitting at the wheel and seeing where it takes us. There is some intention and concept we work on in advance, but these first two months are fluid: we see what works, what doesn't, what gives us joy to make and (honestly) what sells.

Looking back it is always fun to see what we have worked on over the past few years. 2017/18 was all about bold colors against raw clay. 2019 we had two glaze palettes: light and airy in spring and summer, jewel tone and rich in the fall. 2020 we began the work before covid, and then during stay at home orders everything changed: our summer collection was glazed at home instead of the studio which resulted in some new glazing techniques for us, and the fall/winter collection was reduced to a few shapes and glazes that we had access to during the few days we were in the studio. Now 2021 we are mostly working from home again, and it's certainly guiding how much we can make and how we make it. What will Spring and summer be for 2021? Hopefully by the end of January we will have the basic concept and target pieces figured out. Stay tuned. 

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