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Exactly 3 years ago Mel and I found this space in downtown Los Angeles. We had been talking about getting a studio space together, a place we can work, laugh, play music, host a few classes and workshops… We knew that we didn’t want to work in isolation, we created through collaboration. And we like to play our music loud.

The space was perfect: a 100-year-old complex of former produce warehouse buildings, empty for many years, still being adapted to today’s construction codes. We’d get the keys in a few months, 6 months later we would open our doors. A few people came, most people couldn’t find us, but now 2.5 years into being open we look back in awe of the little clay community that emerged.

Currently, we are working in isolation again. For many artists working in their own space is contusive to their practice – for us, it’s not. We miss our community, we miss our friends, we miss each other. 

Today marks a new beginning for us, one where we are learning to adapt, finding ways to stay connected and creative through our clay practice. If you are joining us – hello and welcome!

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