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Throwing, trimming, rolling, extruding – adjectives describing practices we would do every day in the studio. Now our days are filled with: PIVOTING. What happens when you have to shut down your studios, cancel classes, workshops, parties, events, cancel orders, close the doors to the retail shop. You pivot, you have no choice.

Pivoting for us – just like everyone else in the world – means practicing online. The days before the Shelter in Place order, we scrambled to set up makeshift home studios. We all learned how to set up our tripods and lighting, use Zoom for our classes and meet-ups, figure out how to manage to work with clay in our kitchens, dining rooms, backyards, garages terraces, wherever someone could fit a wheel or a small work surface. After a week or two, these spaces were overcome with clay, but they offered us a sense of calm, working with our hands – as always helped settle our minds.

We’ll get to cleaning up those clay footprints later!

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