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It’s been 4 months of working since we’ve been working from home – but hasn’t it felt more like years? So much has happened in the world past 4 months, and so much is about to happen with continued work for BIPOC rights and elections coming up. We feel the weight of all of it, but today we had a good day. We got to spend the day working with our friends – in the studio, in real life!

I have been looking forward to this for some time, and we took our time to make the proper set-up: space was disinfected, we had all been carefully quarantining, only Mel, myself, Jennifer and Alicia are meeting: we are doing a quick photo shoot of our work for this website update!

A day filled with friends and creative energy, watching a professional photographer of Jennifer’s caliber work with such a talented stylist as Alicia – except for the masks it felt like the world was as it was for a moment and we enjoyed just simply working and laughing together. I will post more about everyone’s extensive individual talent and skills, but for now, I just don’t want this day to end.

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